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How much you’ll save with Kooble

Kooble’s goal is to remit as much of your commission back to you in the form of dividends.

But what does that mean in practice? How much can you expect to save by using Kooble?

Let’s look at direct bookings, bookings taken through popular third parties and bookings through Kooble for accommodation providers and restaurants.

Accommodation booking

£120 direct booking
Payment costs-£1.20
To hotel£98.80
£120 Kooble booking
Commission 15%-£15
Payment costs-£0.30
Kooble potential dividend+£7.50
To hotel£92.20
£120 OTA booking
Commission @ average 18%-£18
Payment costs-£2.40
To hotel£79.60

On each booking you put through Kooble vs other OTAs, you could save £11.65 per booking!

If you only move three bookings a night over to Kooble, you could save in excess of £13,000 a year due to the lower payment costs and the cooperative dividend.

Restaurant booking

100 covers @ £15pp booking direct
Cover charges£0
To restaurant£1,500
100 covers for £15pp booking via Kooble
Cover charges-£150
Kooble potential dividend+£75
To restaurant£1,425
100 covers for £15pp booking via 3rd party
Cover charges-£200
To restaurant£1,300

After the cooperative dividend, on a £15pp cover, Kooble will only cost you £0.70 per cover compared to on average £2 per cover via other third parties.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Kooble community today and get in touch with our membership team.

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