Booking, but better

Not many words better than ‘better’. It’s a big ‘no’ to the status quo. A purpose worth chasing. A fix for what’s failing.

And what’s failing is booking. Broken by big corporations. No longer fair, no longer moral.

You deserve better.

Say hello to Kooble

A new cooperative booking platform. Co-owned by Scottish hospitality businesses. From 5pm, the brand you know and trust.

Booking, but better

Kooble offers you the unique opportunity to own your own booking platform, with the five star support and expertise of an established brand.

You get a fairer deal, so can offer better deals.

We’re building a movement. By joining us, you’re contributing to a Scotland-wide effort to create a sustainable and attractive hospitality industry that benefits everyone involved.

Fairer, cheaper, bolder, braver.

Say goodbye to losing your commission.

With Kooble, you’ll receive a dividend at the end of each year based on the amount of business generated.

Unlike other booking platforms, Kooble doesn’t lose profits to outside shareholders. Instead, dividends are given back to our members.

You’ll see greater profits returned to your business, letting you reinvest in your team and product.

Increased profit levels

Kooble aims to increase your profit levels

Leading to an increase in the capital values of your properties. As a cooperative, you’ll also benefit from economies of scale, particularly in payments. We’ll eliminate virtual credit cards and their high fees.

Expect five star customer care

From a team who are there to make booking easier for you as well as the consumer. But that’s not all.

A better business model

A Scotland focus

Not only is Kooble owned by you, but it’s Scotland focused.

We believe this business model will lead Scotland to become a leader in 21st-century hospitality. By harnessing and recirculating wealth within local economies and communities, Kooble will boost collective financial power and create a more ethical industry.

Gain a marketing super power

You’ll get the best of both worlds: the far-reaching appeal of a dynamic new brand and the loyal engagement of 5pm’s dedicated audiences.

With 5pm users migrating to Kooble, you’ll have access to a built-in audience eager to support a local, fairer booking platform.

Plus we’ve got a major campaign in the works for Kooble’s launch, with a multi-channel approach across Scotland to drive awareness, traffic, and engagement for Kooble.

Bright Future

We have big plans for the future too

When Kooble is successful, we plan to form a TechCo to rewrite the platform with a multilingual white label option, available for hotels associations worldwide.

What does this mean for you?

Members of Kooble will be awarded shares in the TechCo business. In other words, you’ll be rewarded with part ownership of an international business.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Kooble today and start reaping the rewards of owning your own booking platform.

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