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Say hello to Kooble

A cooperative booking platform co-owned by Scottish hospitality businesses. They get a fairer deal, so can offer you better deals.

Booking But Better

In every single way. Fairer, cheaper, bolder, braver. More personal and more prolific, offering up more trips and more experiences that you will love.

First access to the best in Scotland

The very best offers, exclusive availability and coveted rooms will be released first on Kooble. Get local expertise the big boys can’t buy. Let us inspire your adventures, pinpointing all the amazing places to stay, eat, and enjoy.

Your money stays in Scotland

By choosing Kooble, you’re making a conscious decision to support Scotland. As a cooperative owned by our members, every penny you spend stays right here. We’re empowering local businesses and ensuring your adventures have a positive, sustainable impact.

Powered by 5pm

We’re not a big machine, just real people who really care. Giving you the five star support and experience you’re used to.

Be part of our booking revolution

You can be part of this new era of booking and invest in the first Scottish hospitality cooperative.

We’re looking to raise £1.75m for the launch of Kooble by giving you the chance to buy interest bearing loan notes.
Loan notes are £1 each, available in £250 bundles and will be repaid back to you in ten years.
Launches: 1st August 2023
Target: £1,750,000

Know the details:

Ready to invest?

Read the full T&Cs here.
Request, fill in and submit a Loan Note Application by inputting your email below. Once submitted, a copy will be emailed to you and this will have a unique reference number on it - you’ll need this for paying.
Pay for your Loan Notes using one of the three options below - please use your reference number as detailed in step two:
  • Directly to our Bank Account - details on page two of your application form.
  • By cheque to the address on page two of your application form.

If you encounter any issues, or have any questions about investing, please contact